New Asbestos regulations come into force

On 6 April the Control of Asbestos 2012 Regulations came into force revoking and re-enacting  the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.  The changes are the result of an EC Directive which was intended to force the UK to tighten up on its definitions of two key terms which it believes leaves certain types of asbestos work exempt from parts of the regulations.

Under the 2006 Regulations asbestos work was categorised into “licenced” and “non licenced”, with higher risk activities only being permitted by licenced operators.  Being lower risk, non licenced works were exempt from some requirements, e.g. relating to formal notifications, record keeping and a duty to provide medical surveillance –  the 2012 Regulations aim to reduce these exemptions in line with the EC Directive.

In real terms the changes are fairly small and should not cause undue concern for responsible employers who are already managing asbestos properly.

The Compliance Group ensure our clients are compliant with asbestos related duties of care.  Competent consultants can undertake visual inspections of suspect materials and advise on best practice and remedial action.  We also arrange asbestos surveys on behalf of clients and support by devising bespoke asbestos management plans – it is not sufficient to simply have a survey. If asbestos containing materials are confirmed on site then employers must devise and implement a suitable asbestos management plan in addition to their survey/asbestos register.