New HSE Health & Safety Law “What you need to Know” poster

The poster summarises the key health and safety duties of both the employer and employees and is intended to raise overall health and safety awareness in the workplace. It has to be displayed by the employer in all UK workplaces.

The new poster was launched in 2009 to be phased in by employers over a 5 year period ending April 2014.  The HSE hope that the new format (see below) will be more eye catching than its predecessor and therefore more likely to be read and understood by staff.  Also, unlike the old version, the new poster does not require the employer to fill in any additional information – this will be a godsend to many businesses as there has always been confusion over precisely what information should be inserted on to the poster and often this information was not kept up to date.



As before, the new poster will need to be displayed in a prominent position in the workplace.


The poster (£9.00) is available from HSE Books or large book shops.