Right to Unpaid Time Off to Accompany a Woman to Ante-Natal Appointments

From 1st October 2014, an employee who has a qualifying relationship with a pregnant woman, or her expected child, has a statutory right to take unpaid time off to accompany the woman to up to two ante-natal appointments. A qualifying relationship will be classed as the husband or civil partner of the pregnant woman, the father or parent of the child and the intended parents in a surrogacy situation (when specific conditions are met). In some circumstances, the right will extend to agency workers. Up to six and a half hours unpaid time off will be allowed off to attend each ante-natal appointment.

More information can be found on the Government website – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/361292/bis-14-1063-time-off-to-accompany-a-pregnant-woman-to-ante-natal-appointments-employer-guide.pdf