When it comes to education, many schools and colleges are already stretched. We help take the strain with comprehensive employee services for complete peace of mind. For Academies and Private School Trusts, employees and teachers, and, most importantly, the safety and care of pupils.

Employment Law & Compliance

Managing teachers, departments and administration staff budgets is a task that many schools and colleges are currently tackling. Cost-cutting can often lead to compulsory redundancies, not to mention stress-related staff sickness.

Managing staff through the HR processes involved can be a minefield. We ensure that your organisation manages all HR and redundancy processes efficiently and effectively, complying with all relevant employment law and protecting your school or college against litigation.

Compliance for HR and Health and Safety

With OFSTED regulations and the need for efficient – both in delivery of education, as well as cost management – outsourcing HR and health and safety for your school, college or academy, will leave you in control of efficiency, without compromising on your ability to deliver top quality education.

Payroll Services and Consultancy

Outsourcing payroll for your school or college can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Why retain in-house payroll professionals when you can deliver your payroll as your organisation changes?

Staff Support – Teachers and Administrators

With more and more onus on the teaching staff and members of the school administration team to deliver consistently across a wider range of day-to-day tasks, we are here to support your complete organisation for issues relating to health and safety, employment law and HR issues that arise.

When Teachers are promoted to heads of department they often need support with staff procedures. Issues that affect schools revolve around four key HR issues:

  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Redundancies
  • Conduct (especially where pupils are concerned)
  • Absence (due to stress related issues)

Pay, Reward and Talent Management

With our extensive HR expertise in a range of sectors, we understand and have helped develop a range of pay and reward structures for schools, colleges and private education. These are not only designed to engage teaching staff and develop loyalty, but to keep your organisation protected with consistent employment contracts, policies and procedures.

And, with targets to reach, you need to ensure you attract and retain talented teaching staff and administrators to your school or college. We can help create employment programmes to help you develop a more productive team.

Equality and Diversity

We can help you to develop clear and open employment policies with effective delivery and support for managers and department heads throughout your organisation. You will not only establish guidelines that are clear and consistent, you will develop a culture that creates a more effective organisation.

Initial HR Consultation

If you are in charge of your school, college or academy HR support and procedures, or require help and guidance with health and safety within education, why not contact us now for an initial discussion. By finding out more about the issues you currently face and the support you need, we may be able to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your HR management.

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At The Compliance Group we have dedicated teams of Consultants that can guide and assist you with

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