Outsourcing Public Sector employee services is an efficient way to meet the challenges that many organisations currently face, with optimised delivery of services and ongoing cost savings to meet budgetary demands.

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Employment Law & Compliance

Managing staff budgets, which may currently be under strain, is a task that many public sector organisations are currently tackling. Cost-cutting can often lead to compulsory redundancies, not to mention stress-related staff sickness.

Managing staff through the HR processes involved can be a minefield. We ensure that your organisation manages all HR and redundancy processes efficiently and effectively, complying with all relevant employment law and protecting your organisation against litigation.

  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Conduct of Staff and Management
  • Redundancy Management
  • Staff Absence (due to stress related issues)

Health and Safety Management

Safe working conditions, effective training and adherence to health and safety policies in the workplace are essential for staff safety and corporate compliance. We help public sector organisations develop consistent health & safety guidelines to ensure clarity and security for staff and for the organisation.

Payroll Services and Consultancy

Outsourcing payroll for your public sector organisation can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Why retain in-house payroll professionals when you can deliver your payroll as your organisation changes?

Pay, Reward and Talent Management

With our extensive HR expertise in a range of sectors, we understand and have helped develop a range of pay and reward structures for public sector organisations. These are not only designed to engage staff and develop loyalty, but to keep your organisation protected with consistent contracts, policies and procedures.

And, with targets to reach, you need to ensure you attract and retain talented employees to your public sector organisation. We can help develop employment programmes to help you develop a more productive workforce.

Equality and Diversity

A key issue concerning Public Sector HR is equality and diversity and the need to ensure a consistent organisational approach. We can help you to develop clear and open employment policies with effective delivery and support for managers throughout your organisation. You will not only establish guidelines that are clear and consistent, you will develop a culture that creates a more effective organisation.

Initial Consultation

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By finding out more about the HR issues you currently face and the support you need, we may be able to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your HR management.

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