When it comes to businesses that deal directly with the general public, your staff are your biggest asset. You already understand that if you invest in your staff, they can make your business more profitable.

We can help your retail or leisure business manage HR seamlessly and ensure you comply with current employment law. Also, we can help protect your business against issues arising from staff conflicts and non-compliance of policies and procedures.

Any Customer Facing Business

We work with a wide range of business-to-consumer businesses covering full-time, part-time and temporary staff, including:

  • Retailers – Shops and Concessions
  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Pubs, Clubs and Bars
  • Leisure Parks and Gyms
  • Any businesses where your staff deal with members of the public

Compliance & Employment Law

Protecting your business is essential – as is keeping your staff happy and motivated. Contracts and procedures protect your business and the needs of your staff, whether full-time or casual workers.

Legal issues arising from staff disputes can impact workforce moral and the effective running of your business. We help you reduce the risk of issues with staff by implementing easy-to-follow and robust procedures.

  • Staff Disciplinary Procedures
  • Employment Contracts
  • Managing Staff Absences and Sickness

Payroll Services and Consultancy

Outsourcing payroll for your retail business can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Why employ in-house payroll professionals when you can deliver your payroll as your business changes?

Health and Safety Management

Safe conditions in the workplace (both shop floor and behind the scenes), effective staff training and adherence to health and safety policies are essential for staff safety and corporate compliance – especially in retail, restaurants and leisure.

What’s more, it’s imperative that your staff understand the implications of health and safety in the areas of your business where members of the public are. Precautionary and standardised internal health and safety procedures are essential.

Pay and Reward

Staff at all levels of your retail business need encouragement and motivation – whether financial or a reassurance through consistent feedback channels. We can help to design and manage procedures for compliance and ensure you get the best from your employees.

Equality and Diversity

Why risk your business by leaving holes in your equality policies? We help companies to develop robust and clear equality and diversity policies for members of staff and casual workers so that all obligations are clear.

Initial Consultation

If you are reviewing the HR procedures for your retail business, are currently facing a specific HR issue, or require help and guidance with health and safety for your place of work, why not contact us now for an initial discussion?

By finding out more about the issues your retail business currently faces and the HR support you need, we should be able to increase the efficiency of your HR management, ensure corporate compliance and reduce your costs.

HR support for shops and retail

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