The law relating to companies and employee pensions has changed.

Every employer now has legal obligations to help staff in the UK save for their retirement with auto enrolment for pensions. This has already affected some businesses and all companies will need to comply over the coming years.

Your company must automatically enrol certain workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

Pensions & Automatic Enrolment

The Compliance Group can help you understand your obligations as an employer and help administer your company scheme for auto enrolment for pensions.

We already have experience with auto enrolment, helping manage company pensions schemes for existing employees and new starters who require automatic enrolment for pensions.

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About Auto Enrolment For Pensions

As a UK employer, you must automatically enrol certain members of your workforce into a company pension scheme. And, as the employer, you now also need to make contributions towards the pensions of your employees.

Even if you already offer a company pension for your employees, you now have additional obligations:

  • Provide a qualifying scheme for workers
  • Automatically enrol all eligible employees into the pension scheme
  • Pay employer contributions into the pension scheme

You are also required to inform all members of staff that are eligible that they have been automatically enrolled into the pension scheme and that they have the right to opt out if they want to.

You are also required to register your auto enrolment pension scheme and its details with the Pensions regulator.

Auto Enrolment Dates

The law relating to auto enrolment and pensions came into force for large employers during 2012. Smaller employers will follow over the coming years to 2017.

Click here to check your ‘Staging Date’ to ensure you meet your Auto Enrolment Deadline.

Auto Enrolment Compliance

As an employer, you have duties towards the Auto Enrolment procedure and this is where we can help.

Our Payroll specialists liaise with the Pensions Regulator, along with your HR department and your Pensions Provider, to ensure a smooth transition and to implement an effective (and compliant) procedure to protect your business.

Our overall compliance approach is aimed towards making it easier for you and your HR team. We understand the procedures of auto enrolment for pensions:

  • Reacting as soon as your receive your staging date to implement the necessary plan of action
  • Working with your pensions provider to create an internal auto-enrolment procedure that suits your business.
  • Educating and enabling your payroll or HR department on how to work with the new auto enrolment rules and your pension scheme.
  • Liaising with your pension advisers and product providers to understand the correct details for compliance.
  • Offering ongoing support for payroll and auto enrolment for pensions.

Don’t Get Caught Out

The pensions regulator will act towards companies who chose to ignore their responsibilities of auto enrolment for pensions.

We will be tough but fair to non-compliant employers.

The Pension Regulator will:

  • use high-quality intelligence to detect employers who are non-compliant with auto enrolment and pensions
  • be risk-based and proportionate by taking timely and appropriate regulatory action where necessary to get them back on track
  • intervene where we will have the greatest impact and deploy our resources efficiently
  • ensure sanctions are used fairly and effectively
  • consider all the relevant circumstances of each case, and ensure that there is a fair review and appeal process
  • carry out full investigations in appropriate circumstances.
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