Across the UK, many businesses are realising the benefits of outsourcing their payroll function to specialist payroll services companies as they look to tighten costs and increase efficiencies.And, with ever-changing tax laws and legislation updates – as well as the nature of day-to-day payroll management – payroll outsourcing is fast becoming an easier and more efficient way for businesses to ensure compliance and keep their staff happy.

Here are just some of the benefits to outsourcing payroll services:

Reduce Your Payroll Administration Overhead

Outsourcing your payroll function reduces internal administration costs to your business, along with associated salaries, employers NI contributions and other costs associated with additional employees.

There are also other business savings when outsourcing your payroll services, with the elimination of  ongoing payroll training obligations, IT requirements, and ongoing costs for payroll software updates.

Reliable Payroll Function For Your Business

Employing professionals to deliver your payroll services internally costs money. If and when those payroll staff decide to leave your business, they also leave with any training and payroll expertise you have developed and invested in.

Outsourcing the function to a payroll services company in the UK offers you dependable support with your payroll; all the while controlling business costs – no staff training, no sick pay, and no holiday cover required.

Focus On Your Business

By retaining a payroll services company in the UK, you can focus on your business and let us manage your payroll function. Your staff will have a flexible and effective payroll department on the end of a phone (or on-site) to support their positions as employees, all the while protecting your business.

The Assurance of Payroll Compliance

Payroll processes and HMRC rules and regulations are constantly changing. By using a payroll services company in the UK you can be rest assured that your business will comply to up-to-date legislation, with relevant documentation and processes in place for conformity as and when changes happen.

As for your staff, they will have a payroll team ensuring that they get paid efficiently, and correctly; taking into consideration the combinations of taxation classes and allowances, holiday and sick pay allowances and any overtime due.

The Compliance Group

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