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Finding the right person for the job in your organisation is often time consuming, expensive and risky. And, when you know you have the right people in your team, you need to ensure that you hang on to them.

When it comes to talent recruitment, The Compliance Group are well versed in making sure you attract the strongest team. You can get on with managing your business as we help you recruit the best people possible and maximise your return.

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Talent Recruitment Service Overview

Talent recruitment outsourcing can be used by any businesses hiring staff, whether it’s for a few positions each year or multiple roles per year. And, when it comes to your top team, the value of outsourcing leadership talent recruitment offers great return on your investment, saving you time and money and ensuring that the candidates you get are the best they can be.

We manage the important process of talent recruitment on your behalf using our own experienced recruiters who follow, best practice processes and industry-led technology.

Example Talent Recruitment Processes

  • Writing job and ‘people’ specifications that match the person you need
  • Evaluating roles within your organisation
  • Industry specific salary benchmarking
  • Develop recruitment strategies for your organisation
  • Writing job adverts and helping you understand the best place for placing your talent recruitment advertising.
  • Managing recruitment agencies
  • Job application response handling, candidate selection and assessment
  • Job offers and on-boarding new recruits to your business.

Benefits of outsourcing your talent recruitment activities:

  • Saves your business time and money
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful hire
  • Utilise our considerable expertise in talent recruitment
  • Reduce your recruitment agency spend
  • Streamline your current recruitment processes
  • Train your managers in talent recruitment and selection techniques.